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This is going to be a multipart series designed to take some old ideas from the Far East and bring some present-day awareness to them in our Western world villages. I want to present some ideas that you may or may not be familiar with – I have used various parts of these ideas successfully in bringing peace into my life in a very practical way and I really want to share that with you. That’s is why I am titling this particular group of podcasts Practical Peaceful Living.

The basis for this particular discussion is going to be the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism and the 8-fold path which is the 4th truth applied to the first three. So the 4th truth basically takes 8 ideas and associates each of them with the first 3 truths. I don’t know how many podcast it will take to get all the way through but hopefully the topic will be engaging and at the very least entertaining for you. At the end there is always the reminder to make comments on the podcasts by visiting and selecting “Village Wisdom Podcast” from the menu. From there you can select the particular podcast that you would like to comment on. We can also be found on Facebook at Please use this venue to share any wisdom that you have found useful in navigating your life. It will assist others in creating grace in their lives. 

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