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Dear Democrats,

dear democratsIn considering your loud cries of racism yet again, I was, yet again, looking at the precinct voting map for the election of 2016 trying to see the error of my ways and why I was an evil white racist, bigot, homophobe — and I finally saw it. I finally saw your terror. At this point, I apologize for not being sensitive to your cries in the past. I now see your terror. It is self-inflicted to be sure. But it is most definitely there and it is most definitely terror.

Of course you are terrorized by the non-stop cries of racism by any and all associated with the Democrat party.  Any who refuse to chant along are ostracized, called all sorts of names and sometimes beaten. The media continues to spend all of its time digging up scant evidence of racism and focusing their laser beams on the few sociopaths they uncover. George Soros is contributing to the surge in employment statistics by paying protesters hourly wages if not enough racists can be found for any given demonstration.  Then there is the mind-controlling, mind-numbing 24/7 replays of a horrific act of murder and terror.  And 24/7 replays of a group of marching and chanting idiots just dying for their airtime on primetime TV. The media repeats over and over and over and over again that these white supremacists exist in vast numbers as evidenced by Donald Trump’s election — that he is one and the 64 million people who voted for him are part of the plot to return the nation to white supremacy and enslave millions of black people. Of course you are terrorized. How could you not be?

It is a terrifying image if you are a black American. I can see it clearly now. Again, my apologies for the lateness of my understanding. The image that you see when you turn on your television is one of your impending doom. The imagery is broadcast in your face 24/7. This is why you require constant reassurance from anyone who will admit they voted for Donald Trump. After all, there must be a few good people left in the world. You’ve had lots of white friends for your entire life. We just need to give you daily reassurance that we have not morphed into racist biggots who want to string you up because of the color of your skin. 

But no matter that your personal experience may not bear witness to a violent take-over of the nation by fascists. No matter if your own experiences of racism are not born out by your experiences with other humans in your sphere, there are others who have told you they were discriminated against. Others tell you that statues and park decorations are offensive. You must stand up for their violated rights. It matters not that statistically racism exist and the entire country, including Republicans, continually agrees that racism exists, still you must hear Republicans repeat their agreement over and over. And of course you must deny they said it or be ostracized from the Democrat party for not chiming in on cue. Or you must say they didn’t mean it and discredit their character. Or perhaps you are instructed to claim that they didn’t say it fast enough and so you can deny they actually said it. This is what is required to be a Democrat so you comply. You are not coerced. You believe this agenda to the bottom of your heart. I have compassion for you. 

I see clearly now that the democrat party truly is dying of this hysteria and I have compassion for you. The hysteria is a life-threatening disease for the party. In fact, it appears that the democratic party is in its last death throws, flailing about for just one more breath before expiration. In your mind, the democratic party is being crushed by the Republicans and the country is systematically being taken over by evil white supremacists. More people have jobs now that at any time in the last 10 years. The economy is predicted to grow at 3.7% next quarter. More and more people are happy and feel secure in their lives. In fact, the Republican take-over is nearly complete. It’s horrific you say. It’s got to be terrifying for anyone who identifies as a black American Democrat to see that map. Surely you are all about to be lynched.

Just take a look at the map above. It tells the story of the huge amount of racist white Republicans that currently reside in the country. They are racist because they voted for Trump. There are conflicting reports, but whether it was the oft-reported and sometimes debunked 3,084 out of 3,141 counties or the AP verified 2,626 out of 3,113 counties, Donald Trump won in a landslide. The precinct map shows an even more dramatic contrast.

witchypollsAll the polls said Hillary would win. Everyone said so. All media outlets said so. Scandle after scandle after scandel and subsequent poll after poll after poll indicated Trump was an ignorant buffoon, a womanizer and a liar. Hillary was a shoe-in. On November 8, 2016, the day of the election,  the NY Times poll indicated Hillary had an 85% chance of winning. Those racist Trump supporters didn’t have a chance in hell of taking over the country. 

It would seem that, out of the blue, on November 8, 2016, much of the country inexplicably jumped off the democrat party’s bridge to utopia into the Republican river of racism, thereby committing suicide. Why would they do this? Why is the Democrat party dissolving and devolving into a gross, single-celled “you’re a racist” amoeba? Why are Americans in record numbers turning into racist, bigoted, mysogynists? How did this happen and no one saw it coming?

What Happened?

Well, actually many of us did see it coming. Here is what we saw and why we did what we did. We saw the democrats enslaving millions of people in their inner-city plantations. We saw the democrats ruthlessly take away the self-respect of many, many Americans. We saw the democrats dehumanize many of our poor black, white and hispanic Americans by giving them hand-outs as if they were just some beggars in the street, too ignorant and unskilled to earn their own way. We saw the Democratic party systematically enslave much of our citizenry with their promises of better wages and decent jobs while refusing to allow them to choose the best education for their children. We saw them promise freedom and then only provide the shackle of a handout rather than the promised hand up.

In the past 8 years, the democrat party has lost over 1,000 seats in state and federal legislatures. They have lost governorship after governorship until the current count stands with 34 Republican governors and only 15 Democrat governors. “What is happening? How can this be? How can the people of the US of A be voting so backward,” say the Hollywood elite and the equally elite and supposedly highly-educated university crowd? The media keeps telling any who will listen that the democrats have the moral high ground. The media keeps giving their viewership tons and tons of polling information that indicates everyone hates Trump and everyone loves anyone who is a democrat. This is the view of the majority of Americans according to their polls. Why are the people ignoring all of the rigorous, scientific polls telling them how to vote if they want to be part of the “in” crowd? How can it be that they lose and lose and lose? All of America is on board with the Democrat agenda right? If you’re not, then you are a racist, bigot, homophobe — oh and Islamophobe. You don’t want us to call you names, right? So you will go along with us on this, right?

The Trump Train

trump trainOn the morning of November 9, 2016, the absurd phenomena that Donald Trump stood strong against the onslaught of insults and negative hatred from the media and won was a complete shock to anyone not on the Trump Train. The media was especially shocked – but not awed. While thinking they were very smart and politically savvy, and while thinking they knew the country better than anyone else, the media live-streamed their head-on collision with the Trump Train and the resulting lethal wounds to their agenda. The media put on public display their complete lack of awareness of the people of the United States of America. They misjudged the moral health and power of the people of the United States of America. They were sure they were too big to fail.

The media and Democratic elite were so wrong and so mortally wounded that they had to reflexively rewrite the story to make any sense out of it. The morally corrupt white supremacists won so they must have had illegitimate help. After all, this kind of deception has worked for the Democrats for years. Why should they not think the other side as corrupt as themselves.

defibrillation for democratsWithin 24 urs the media first responders rushed in with Russia collusion defibrillation paddles to get at least a few hearts going again. Others quickly replaced the bandages on the wounds to the party created by electronic devices being beaten with hammers. They started racist / homophobe / islamaphobe IV fluids. The media used 24/7 mouth-to-mouth resuscitation of one narrative after another to try and bring life back to the mortally wounded party — but to no avail. The Trump train just keeps on keeping on. The media still continues to donate an endless supply of racist blood keeping the party line going. But . . . It’s not working. It’s not working. Houston we have a problem. Danger Will Robinson. Danger Will Robinson. Warning – Warning. Statues. Park decorations. Must destroy. Must destroy. Must destroy, must destroy, must des . . . , mus . . . BEEEEEEEEEEP. On no, we’re dead.

How could there possibly be so many white supremacists? Where did they all come from? And how did they manage to make that racist Trump king of America right in front of our eyes? Cognitive dissonance. It’s impossible. It’s impossible. It’s impossible. 

The Death of Racism

The cries of racism and the practice of racism will die as the most racist party in the history of our country dies a horrible screaming death. You can thank a Republican or Independent for that. You can thank the Trump Train for the beginning of the elimination of racism and bigotry.

You can thank those racist white Republicans for freeing blacks from Democrat slave owners in 1865.

You can thank those racist white Republicans for freeing blacks from the slavery of Democrat initiated Jim Crow laws in 1965.

And while it may take the Republican party and the collective hearts of the those standing for freedom until 2065 to completely free the blacks from the Democrat slavery of government dependence, rest assured my fellow Americans, we will free you.

We will restore your right to dignity, personal responsibility and, most of all, self-ownership. That is true freedom. That is what the United States of America stands for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Awakening from Mass Hysteria

I say again, I hear you. Lots of us wrongfully accused white supremacists hear you. We really are listening. Well, some don’t for sure. There are assholes everywhere. But many, many, many of us hear you. We are listening. We are agreeing with you that racism exists. We are now and ever have been hearing you. We hear that you don’t hear us agreeing with you. Your hysteria is preventing you from hearing that we hear you and agreeing with you. We have already said it many times. At this point we do not think it serves your cause for us to keep repeating that we hear you only for you to continue telling us we are not saying it. So here’s what we are going to do to try and ease your hysteria. 

We hear the narrative and perpetuation of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. as democrats and their enslaved hoards continue with their lasts gasping breaths to divide up the country into blacks, Hispanics, gays, lesbians, cisgenders, wymen, transgenders, Muslims, Jews, Christians. We, that are labeled “the evil white people” hear you loud and clear. We hear your cries of racism after you divided the country into various groups, each with their own identity that was to be treated differently because of race, gender, ethnicity and so on. You were subsequently exploited by your Democrat politician. We see and we hear. And, being the humanitarians that we are, we have already responded to your cries for relief from your self-imposed “let’s divide everybody into groups” racist misery. Over the past 8 years, we have responded to your cries for freedom. Just look at the map to see how well we have responded to your need for our assistance in regaining your freedom once again. We will show you the way. 

How We Responded

We decided as a nation that we will no longer tolerate the racism being perpetuated by the Democratic party. We will no longer tolerate Democrats subjugating and enslaving the poor. We will no longer tolerate criminality from any Democrat (more to come on that from our DOJ) and we will no longer tolerate illegal criminals and their activities within our borders. We, the Republican and Independent voters of America, will no longer tolerate interference with our daily lives, with our families and loved ones by self-serving politicians. We will no longer tolerate desecration of our country and the freedom it represents to the world.

You can have your paid protests and paid provocateurs and be offended by statues and park decorations. You are free Americans. You can even move them all to museums. However, I caution against that as it will be a very boring museum to which no one gives much attention. I mean, how many old lawn statues of the same dead general can one person enjoy? Perhaps you should just grind them to dust. Perhaps we could use the rock for building roads. Anyway, take down the landscape decorations and scenery. Redecorate the parks as you see fit. We look forward to seeing your ideas and creative genius on display. Children will be pleased that to have parks to play in and the decorations will be new and modern. 

charles barkleyMeanwhile, our agenda will focus on freeing the poor Americans currently enslaved on the Democratic plantations of the inner cities. We will work to make sure they have jobs so they can support themselves with dignity. We will make sure they have education and instruction in how to be entrepreneurs and business owners and tradespersons. Some will become doctors and lawyers and scientists. All will be able to live in decent housing bought and paid for by themselves as citizens who are now prosperous. Those new homeowners who were formerly living in slave quarters called projects will revel in their emancipation.

We will make sure the children have access to whatever education their parents decide they want for their offspring. How cruel it is for Democrats to keep their slaves in ignorance with substandard schools. Let the substandard schools fail. Let creative and high quality schools spring up in their place. Perhaps they will even be managed by newly educated young adults from that very neighborhood. 

We hear you and we are responding in the best way we know how. We will overthrow the elite bubble of slavery currently operating in places like San Francisco, Seattle, New York and LA. Places where the income gap is the widest and poverty and homelessness most profound. These few slaveholding strongholds still exist and we will work to eradicate their filthy practice of making millions while those who serve their needs live in primitive conditions. The cities with the greatest gap between the “haves” and “have nots” beware. Where we find these places still in the hands of and being plundered by Democrats we will come. Baltimore, Ferguson, Chicago, you are on notice. We will turn your cities into red Republican voting blocks so that the citizens can be freed from your tyranny.  

The map is already mostly red, but there are still very large pockets of poverty and they exist in the blue areas. We must free these people. The citizens of these metropolitan cities have paid the price for their devotion to democrat schemes to keep them poor and contained on welfare plantations. We must free them. 

Yes Democrats, you currently have your constituents scared out of their wits with sensationalism around horrific but isolated events and 24/7 coverage and enhancement of a few hundred wannabe-famous white supremacists and Nazis and other small-minded idiots looking for any attention they can get. You make sure they get that attention so they can attract others who also want media attention. You have much of the black population convinced that the country is going rogue and has evil plans for them. I hear them. I hear their cries for freedom from your racism and bigotry. We mean to free them.  We have already won the ideological war and will free our people one by one if necessary. 

We will

make america great again


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