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Peaceful Heart FarmCast

My husband and I work a small farm and are building a farmstead creamery. We practice sustainable living and produce farmstead and artisan cheese, hand-made in small batches. You can find more information at
This podcast focuses on our life of creating artisan farmstead cheese. We do so with wisdom and grace. I find great joy in learning about the history and philosophy of cheesemaking from the past which brought us to this point in time. In this podcast I will be passing along lots of cheese information as well as offering info and insight into the history of all kinds of food -- and CHEESE. I trust you will also find it interesting and entertaining.
Other products and services offered include: Grass fed beef, lamb and goat. 

Feb 24, 2019

cheese makes you happyThe topic for today is how cheese makes you happy! That's right. There is evidence that the nutrition in cheese can actually affect your mood among other things. I'm pleased to bring you this great news today!

Today’s Show

  • Homestead Life Updates
  • Cheese and Nutrition
    • Nutritional content
    • Cheese tastes good
    • Facts about...

Feb 23, 2019

history of cheeseThe history of cheese. Exactly how did cheese get started? What's the tradition there?


-- Farm Updates
-- History of Cheese
-- Lemon Cheese Recipe

Farm Updates

I don’t have a lot to report today about the farm. A bit about hay, the creamery and a story about the goats and their antics.

Hay and Creamery


Feb 11, 2019

peaceful heart farmcast

Today’s Peaceful Heart FarmCast is about how we came to live the homestead life and how we decided to create a small artisan cheese business.


  1. What happened last year, where did I go?
  2. Peaceful Heart FarmCast
  3. Updates on the farm and creamery
  4. Preview of upcoming topics
  5. Homestead Recipe

What Happened...

Feb 3, 2019

Podcast Reboot

podcast rebootHello everybody. Melanie Hall here. Hope you are doing well. Are you ready for the podcast to get going again? I sure am. One change you’ll notice is that going forward I’ve rebranded the podcast. The name changed from Village Wisdom Podcast to Peaceful Heart FarmCast.

If you’re a subscriber, you...